CodeTRAX Infrastructure: CodeTRAX Operations Paused

Added by George Notaras about 14 years ago

I announce the pause of all CodeTRAX operations due to lack of free time.

User self-registration at is now disabled and all accounts have been locked, since it is not possible to monitor the website for spam.

Thanks for your understanding.

George Notaras,
CodeTRAX Administrator

CodeTRAX Infrastructure: CodeTRAX Source Code Repositories go live

Added by George Notaras about 14 years ago

We are pleased to announce that access to source code repositories is now possible through the CodeTRAX Source portal.

We are currently into the process of migrating most part of the project source code from Subversion to the Mercurial SCM. An update about this will be published in a few weeks together with more information about ways to collaborate on CodeTRAX Source.

CodeTRAX Infrastructure: CodeTRAX is back online

Added by George Notaras over 14 years ago

I proudly announce that CodeTRAX has resumed operations since Saturday, October 17 2009, after being out of service for almost a whole month. Almost all parts of the infrastructure have been changed. The facility is no longer based on Project-CodeTRAX - our in-house project management solution -, but uses a single project management web application, Redmine.

Data from the old website, including tickets/issues, wiki pages, software releases, is being migrated at a slow but steady pace and should be complete within the next two weeks.

Regarding account registrations, self-registration has been currently disabled, until all the required spam prevention measures are taken.

Thanks for your understanding.

George Notaras


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