Project CodeTRAX

Welcome to Project CodeTRAX, an effort to develop the necessary software in order to automate the deployment and management of a multi-project hosting environment. A premature implementation of this project was deployed from early 2007 until September 2009 on


As of September 21 2009, Project CodeTRAX has been put into stand-by mode. Read the announcement for more information.


Project CodeTRAX has one goal and one rule.

  • The goal is to deliver an easy to deploy platform, built entirely of open source/free software, which can be effectively used for the development, publishing and support of software or documentation projects.
  • The rule is to achieve the aforementioned goal by following the shortest possible route.

We do not intend to re-invent the wheel in an attempt to keep ourselves busy. We are busy already! The goal will be achieved by expanding the capabilities of existent and mature open-source software with the addition of deployment, administration, maintenance utilities and software that acts as a bridge between the various components.


Project CodeTRAX has used the following software since its debut.

The combined use of all the software above was possible thanks to custom software made by the CodeTRAX team. This software includes:

  • Administration utilities
  • Deployment utilities for Trac environments, Subversion repositories, Mailing Lists.
  • Software bridges - for example, common user-base and authentication scheme among all the involved applications.
  • Maintenance utilities.

This is definitely not an easy job. Slow, but significant, progress had been made since the beginning in 2007. The utilities are usable but not yet releasable.