• Anycrypt

    Anycrypt is an information encryption and decryption utility.

  • Delayed Shutdown Initscript

    delayed-shutdown is an initscript that delays the shutdown (runlevel 0) or reboot (runlevel 6) procedure as long as a pre-defined lock file exists.

  • django-content-licenses

    django-content-licenses is a Django application that facilitates the addition of licensing information to the content and media.

  • django-context-extras

    django-context-extras is a simple Django app that provides some extra context processors for your Django based projects.

  • django-email-change

    django-email-change adds support for email address change and confirmation.

  • django-middleware-extras

    django-middleware-extras provides some extra middleware classes that are often needed by Django projects.

  • django-mysql-manager

    django-mysql-manager is a Django based management interface for MySQL users and databases.

  • django-oembed-works

    django-oembed-works is a Django app that provides support for the oEmbed format.

  • django-postgresql-manager

    django-postgresql-manager is a Django based management interface for PostgreSQL users and databases.

  • django-powerdns-manager

    django-powerdns-manager is a web based PowerDNS administration panel. It is written in Python and based on the Django framework.

  • django-primary-filters

    django-primary-filters provides some extra filters and template tags that are often needed by Django projects.

  • django-recaptcha-works

    django-recaptcha-works provides a Django form field that integrates the reCaptcha service.

  • django-taggit-autocomplete-modified

    django-taggit-autocomplete-modified implements autocomplete functionality for the tags field provided by the django-taggit project.

  • django-thumbnail-works

    django-thumbnail-works provides an enhanced ImageField that generates and manages thumbnails of the source image.

  • django-traxauth

    django-traxauth adds support for user account registration and profile management to Django projects.

  • Epiphany Extensions

    Extensions for the Epiphany Web Browser.

    • Tab Links

      Tab-Links is an extension for the Epiphany web browser that copies the links of the open tabs to the clipboard.

    • Tab Session Management

      Tab-Session-Management is an extension for the Epiphany Web Browser that saves and loads the tab session.

  • CodeTRAX Infrastructure

    CodeTRAX Infrastructure, including project management facilities, source code repositories and system configurations.

  • django-server-notices

    Server status notices and announcements.

  • pdf2email CUPS Backend

    pdf2email is a CUPS backend that uses GhostScript to print a document to PDF and sends the final file via email to the user that requested the print. It is written in Python....

  • Project CodeTRAX

    Project CodeTRAX is an effort to develop the necessary software in order to automate the deployment and management of a multi-project hosting environment.

  • python-ping

    This project makes available the releases of the python-ping ( module) as modified by George Notaras.

  • rTorstat

    rTorstat is a simple web page generator, written in Python, which shows status information about the rTorrent bittorrent client. This makes it possible to quickly have an overview of your torrent list from a remote location, without having to log into the remote machine that actually runs rTorrent....

  • SysScope

    SysScope is a graphing solution that facilitates the visual representation of RRDtool Round Robin Databases (RRD). more info...

  • Taskpath

    Taskpath is a project management application.

  • Text License

    Text License is a module for the Drupal Content Management System which allows the assignment of a license to the published content.

  • TinyIDS

    TinyIDS is a distributed Intrusion Detection System (IDS) for Unix systems.

    It is based on the client/server architecture and has been developed with security in mind. Supports client authentication and encrypted server-client communication using public key infrastructure (PKI)....

  • VeriTAR

    VeriTAR [Veri(fy)TAR] is a command-line utility that verifies the md5 sums of files within a TAR archive. Due to the tar (ustar) format limitations the md5 sums are retrieved from a separate file and are checked against the md5 sums of the files within the tar archive. The process takes place without actually exctracting the files. [DISCONTINUED]...

  • VICEO Backend for SANE

    VICEO Backend for SANE. Supports sane-backends 1.0.18.

  • WordPress Plugins

    Software that extends the functionality of the WordPress personal publishing platform.

    • Add Meta Tags

      Add-Meta-Tags is a Free metadata plugin for WordPress that can optimize your web site for more efficient indexing of your content and easier sharing. Please, visit the Add-Meta-Tags Wiki for more information about how to customize and take advantage of the available features....

    • Add-Headers

      Add-Headers is a WordPress plugin that adds the ETag, Last-Modified, Expires and Cache-Control headers to HTTP responses generated by WordPress for more efficient caching. more info...

    • Bot Allow Content

      Bot-Allow-Content is a WordPress plugin that allows pre-defined bots to index the full content of the blog posts through the RSS and Atom feeds, even if WordPress is set to serve only summaries.

    • Break Out Of Frames

      Break-Out-Of-Frames is a WordPress plugin that adds a small piece of javascript code to the head of each web page, so that it can break out of foreign frames.

    • Comment Policy

      Comment-Policy adds an extra required field in the comment form. This is actually a checkbox with a link to your comment policy page. The visitor must accept the provided comment policy in order to submit a comment. This plugin affects the comment submission and not trackbacks/pingbacks. More info......

    • Creative Commons Configurator

      Creative-Commons-Configurator intends to become the only tool a user will need in order to set a Creative Commons License on a WordPress blog and control the inclusion or display of the license information into the blog pages or the syndication feeds. All configuration is done from a page in the administration panel. Template tags are also available for those who need customization. More info......

    • Fast Static Feed

      Fast-Static-Feed is a WordPress plugin that can cache the site's entries feed, and deliver a static XML file instead of constantly generating the feed content on every client request.

    • More Feed Excerpt

      More-Feed-Excerpt makes it possible to use the more tag to define an excerpt for both the HTML and the XML (feed) version of your posts. This was the default behavior until WordPress v2.5.

    • My Tags

      My-Tags is a WordPress plugin that adds the tag relation to your categories URLs or constructs custom URLs for your category names, eg Technorati tags style, which also have the "tag" relation, and appends a Tags section to your post's body in single post view and to the item's content in the feed. More info......

    • Remove Generator Meta Tag

      Remove-Generator-Meta-Tag is a WordPress plugin that removes the generator meta tag, so that the version of the platform is not revealed.

    • Reverse-proxy comment IP fix

      Sets the comment IP to the client IP provided by the X-Forwarded-For header before the comment is saved to the database.

    • Simple Recent Comments

      Simple-Recent-Comments is a recent comments plugin for WordPress. It keeps the display of the recent comments as simple as possible. More info...

    • WordPress Varnish Modified

      WordPress plugin that helps you invalidate the varnish cache automatically when content is updated or on-demand.

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