Development website of django-powerdns-manager

Welcome to the development website of django-powerdns-manager.

For help and instructions about the installation, configuration and usage please visit the Online Documentation.

django-powerdns-manager is a web based PowerDNS administration panel. It is written in Python and based on the Django framework.


The feature list includes:

  • Web based administration interface based on the admin Django app.
  • Easy management of all records of a zone from a single web page.
  • Support for multiple users.
  • Database schema is DNSSEC enabled.
  • Automatic zone-rectify support, including support for empty non-terminals, using native python code.
  • The application can be configured to support a user-defined subset of the resource records supported by PowerDNS and customize the order in which they appear in the administration panel.
  • Zone cloning (experimental).
  • Zone transfers between users.
  • Zone file import through web form.
  • Zone file export.
  • Basic zone templates.
  • Command-line interfaces to import and export zones in bulk.
  • Support for secure updating of dynamic IP addresses in A and AAAA records.
  • Supports using a dedicated database to store the tables needed by PowerDNS. This database may use a different backend than the main database of the Django project.
  • Contains demo project for quick start and experimentation.


The django-powerdns-manager releases are available from the PyPI Package Page.

Detailed installation instructions can be found at the Installation section of the django-powerdns-manager Online Documentation.

How to contribute

django-powerdns-manager is at an early stage of development. Please make sure you use the latest code.

Clone the Mercurial repository with:

hg clone

Clone the Git repository with:

git clone

Please use the "New Issue": form to submit bug reports or feature requests.


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